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Flying Circus Postponed




What do mean postponed? What's going on?

OK here's the deal.  We're digging a well and running sprinkler lines to the unpaved portion of our runway and it'll still be in a big mess during the original dates.  Turns out it's also blazing hot during that time of year, so we've decided to look at alternatives.

We're considering moving the event to the Spring when it should be a lot cooler.  There used to be a bunch of Springtime fly-ins on the West Coast that are no longer taking place, so we might try to pick up where Merced left off.

In any case, when we get the dates nailed down, we'll post them here and we'll have some pretty nice grass available.

Stay tuned, and check back.  It'll be worth the wait!

Start saving the dates…



No not those dates.  I'm talking about the Flying Circus dates.

We're pushing it back by one week, so plan to be here the weekend of October 3 through 5.  We're assured the weather will be much milder, no troublesome wind to worry about and the price of Avgas will have dropped to less than a dollar a gallon nationally, so what possible excuse could you have for not being here.

Once again for those with short attention spans, the 2014 edition of the Flybob Flying Circus will be held when????

October 3rd -October 5th 2014

Very good, see you here!

Cavalcade is Cancelled

Monkey on your Back


Sad but true.  After attending last year's event, the FAA determined that the fly-bys of Aerial Cavalcade met the definition of an Airshow and therefore required a waiver.  We thought we had the details worked out, but in the end, the paperwork requirements for the pilot and planes  to comply were too much and time was too short so we elected to scrap the Cavalcade portion of the Fly-In.

The good news is that the fly-in is still on and we're expecting a great turn out. Lots of great antiques and classics parked for your viewing pleasure.  There will be plenty of flying going on too, just normal airport operations instead of an organized aerial demonstration.   The airspace will not be closed and we'll be open all day for arrivals, departures and all other normal airport operations.

We're also waiving the $10 admission fee we were planning to charge, so admission is now free.  Lot's of great airplanes to look at and free admission.  Sounds like a pretty good deal to me.  See you there.....


Eric’s Bleriot



This year we're happy to announce that Eric Presten will be bringing his Bleriot replica to the Flying Circus.  Last year Eric was the pilot of Frank Schelling's Curtis Jenny which was one of the stars of the event.  This year Eric is bringing his own Bleriot and plans to fly it if the wind is calm and cooperative.  If you've never seen an actual wing warper fly before, you're in for a rare treat.  There's just something very special and majestic about it.

Dont miss it.....


2013 Flabob Flying Circus Dates



Here's the news you've been waiting for.  We had so much fun last year, that we're going to do it all over again, but hopefully even bigger and better.

The dates for this year's event will be Thursday, September 26th through Sunday, September 29th.

Based on feedback from last year's event, we've opened up our ramp area even more and we're in the process of installing tie down cables across the entire ramp.

Our format will be much the same as last year's.  Arrive and hang out starting Thursday the 26th.  Airport will be closed for arrivals once we start the Cavalcade Saturday morning.

We're really looking forward to seeing all our friends from last year and looking forward to making new ones this year.  We have some other additions and surprises in the works, so check back for updates......

That’s a Wrap Folks……

So our first ever Flabob Flying Circus is over and but a pleasant memory.  Wow is all we can say.  What a great weekend it was!  Between the pilots and the public, we had somewhere in the neighborhood of 3500 folks on the field Saturday.  What about the planes?  I'll tell you about the planes. 52 flew in the Cavalcade with another 70 or so in the static display area.  It was just a phenomenal turnout.  Big thanks to all the pilots who shared their planes with us.  The weather was great.  Yeah it was a little bit warm, but the high clouds helped as did the afternoon breeze.  No wind in the morning meant perfect flying weather for the Curtiss Jenny.  Big thanks to Frank Schelling and the whole Sonoma crew for all their hard work.

So now the big question is what about next year?  You better believe we'll do it again next year.  Last weekend of September, same as this year.  We'll start working on the details in a little while, but in the mean time, take a look at some of these links to pictures and videos taken during the event.  Once again, if you were here.....Thanks and we hope to see you next year.  If you weren't here, you missed a good time and we'll forgive a onetime lapse in judgement.  See you next year!


Great YouTube Video

Nice photo spread

Press Enterprise Photo coverage

 Press Enterprise Video




Need a Car?



If you're this guy, flying in with your Taylor Aero-Car, you can ignore this post.   The rest of you however, might be interested in a set of wheels when you get here so we've worked out a deal with the local Enterprise car rental agency in case you need to get around town.

Now we plan to have a shuttle van running around between the local hotels and the airport, but we understand that some of you aren't quite as social as others, or maybe you just really don't look forward to being stuffed in a van with a bunch of sweaty pilots.  It's your choice.

Anyway, if you're interested in the rental car option, use the link above and follow the directions below.

1. Choose your location

2. Enter the date and time of your arrival and departure

3. Select the type of vehicle you would like to reserve

4. Enter the special discount code NACA118 and click “search”

5. Enter “RIV” as the PIN and click “sign in

*or call 1-800-RENT-A-CAR (1-800-736-2227) and mention codeNACA118

TravelAir Club joining the Circus



We're happy to announce that the TravelAir Restorers Association TARA will be joining us for the weekend.  TARA is a great group dedicated to the preservation of these historic aircraft.  They get together once a year for a reunion and this year decided to join us at the Flying Circus kick-off event.  We couldn't be happier to have them.


Pick me, I’ll Volunteer….



 As you can imagine, pulling together an event like this requires a lot volunteer help.  We've got a bunch but we're always on the lookout for even more. If you're planning on coming to the event and would like to pitch in and help out, please contact Ambar directly, or through the Contact Us page.

Most folks will simply show up, pay their 10 bucks, have a great time and go home.  That's great,  but in the back of their minds will be that nagging feeling that they should have volunteered to help out.

Don't be like them.  Contact Ambar, help us out, enjoy the day and go home with that warm glowing feeling.  No not that warm glowing feeling, that's the sunburn. The other warm glowing feeling!


Mt Rubidoux


Don't put yourself through this trying to watch the show for free. It's only 10 bucks for adults and kids are free.